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Director, URBΔN ŌM Yoga

Senior Yoga Teacher

Sarah began yoga in her early 20's to support her own wellness and recovery. She started understanding yoga philosophy from 2009, went on to develop a physical practice, and completed her first qualification in her hometown of Florida in 2012. 

Since then, Sarah has qualified in both yoga fitness areas such as Hot Yoga, Power Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Rocket; as well as yoga wellness areas such as Prenatal, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra.  Sarah has also qualified in areas relating to wellness such as Raw Foods and Ayurvedic Sciences for Wellness.  In 2017, she completed her Masters of Science in Psychological Wellbeing, studying and researching yoga as a clinical intervention. In 2018, she gained her 100-hour Advanced Teaching Diploma in Yoga Therapy.  Sarah registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance in 2020 and has been leading and mentoring students in trainings and courses since.

I have found yoga to be useful for rehabilitation both in strength and power, as well as rest and restoration.  Join me in classes and trainings to learn, discover, awaken, strengthen and expand.

Ali completed her 200-hour hot yoga teacher training with Absolute Yoga while living in Thailand in 2007.  This was the largest hot yoga studio in Asia at the time.  Ali went on to train in a variety of styles such as pre and postnatal yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, and aqua yoga.  

She has taught classes for many businesses across Buckinghamshire and yoga-trained the MK Dons and Northampton Saints Rugby team. Ali is co-lead on the URBΔN ŌM teacher training programme and continues to teach both independently and for yoga studios across the region.  

Ali teaches powerful and energetic classes.  She teaches that the journey is yours on your mat and is truly for every body : so just give it a go!



Head of Staff Development

Senior Yoga Teacher



Yoga Teacher

Sam began her yoga journey in her early 20s during a battle with mental health difficulties.  The yoga practice gave Sam "a freedom my head wasn’t allowing me to have at the time". Sam chose to understand the practice deeper and became a Yoga teacher in 2019, initially training in hot yoga. Since then, she has trained in a variety of styles such as Yoga Therapeutics, Rocket, and more recently, paddle-board yoga. 

‘Part of why I became a teacher was my passion to want to give back to others, what yoga gave to me. I always bring positive energy to my classes: empower you to try new things and give you a little headspace within your day’.

Ellie found yoga many years ago as part of her work as a wellness journalist. As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, the yoga practice and poses felt natural to her and her body.  In time, practicing yoga became a gateway to a much deeper practice - sometimes dynamic, sometimes restorative, but remained centred in breath and yogic tradition. Ellie came to value yoga as both ‘a workout and a work in’. 

Ellie trained as a Hatha & Hot Yoga teacher in 2020 and then went on to train in Rocket Yoga – a dynamic and challenging style - in 2021.  She currently teaches a powerful mix of rocket-inspired flows, vinyasa flow and hatha classes. 

‘While the style of the class may vary, my goal is always to make the class welcoming, interesting and, hopefully, fun! Wherever your mindset, energy or body are at that day, my aim is to give you the space and tools to enjoy a practice that works for you’.



Yoga Teacher



Yoga Teacher

Andrea first came to yoga to support injuries through running and considered herself hooked from her first hot yoga class.  She felt so captivated by the buzz of the practice that she wanted to learn more and find ways to deepen her own practice. She enrolled on a 200-hour teacher training course at the beginning of 2019 and since then she has also completed various courses to expand her knowledge such as Yoga Therapeutics, Yin Yoga, Rocket, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, and Yoga Wheel. 

Andrea believes yoga is for everyone and that it has benefits that go beyond the practice of body postures alone. Andrea extends her welcome to all levels: you can expect a fun, inclusive class, suitable for everyone!

Sara started exploring different styles of yoga in her 20's to compliment her work as a young dancer and support her running/dancing regime. Yoga also helped her to unravel from the mental and physical challenges this fast-paced lifestyle brought her.  Sara practiced yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Bikram and Anusara. She completed a 2.5 year diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching Flow styles, Hot styles, and Meditative styles (Nidra) since 2012. 

I like to engage people through breath-led movement to create self-awareness and confidence. My classes are a balance of strength and flexibility, yet easy-going, often silly, as well as challenging!



Yoga Teacher



Studio Manager

Yoga Teacher

Anna started practicing hot yoga in 2010 to support long-term pain, injury, and anxiety. From the beginning, she found a difference in her overall physical and mental wellbeing that encouraged her to explore yoga further. Anna began her teaching journey in 2018, completing 200 hour foundation training in Hot Yoga, and further training Yin, Vinyasa, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Mindful Meditation. She focuses on Hatha Yoga/Foundation alignment based classes for students to build strength, while incorporating simple breathwork and mindful techniques to support the busy mind. 

I love creating a variety of techniques in class that allow students to explore yoga in an open, kind, and curious way, giving my students space towards balance of body and mind. 

Georgi expanded her love for yoga into teaching in 2022, graduating from URBAN ŌM 's yoga teacher training program in 2023 and  now a regular on the teaching schedule. Georgi is trained in both Hot  Yoga (Bikram-inspired) and Hatha Yoga (foundation yoga). 

For the last decade Georgi has seen the benefits of a regular yoga practice for her own health and wellbeing, whether it's a simple daily flow to bring calm to a busy day, or a specific practice to support her running and gym training.


My goal is to support you in building a solid foundation to your practice. I love teaching Hot Classic and Foundation - my classes are energising, supportive and strengthening for body and mind!

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Yoga Teacher

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Yoga Teacher

Sue began practising yoga over 25 years ago as a way to manage the pressure of a demanding global accounting job and a painful back. She will always hunt down a local yoga studio on her travels to develop and grow her own practice – whatever language!

In 2021, thanks to reduced global travel, she began her teaching journey, completing a 200 hour foundation training in hot yoga. Sue has been teaching a variety of styles, often to beginners, focussing on alignment and breathing, offering variations and options to suit all bodies and levels of flexibility.


'Yoga is accessible to everyone. I love encouraging, challenging and supporting people to build their confidence. I create balanced classes to strengthen the body and still the mind, leaving students refreshed and renewed.'

In 2017 Billy delved into yoga, seeking a physical practice that resonated with his background in dance, but something separate as a means to escape busy work life. After practicing around the world on tour for work, Billy took his 200hr teacher training in Portugal. He graduated teaching Hatha & Vinyasa.


He likes to bring strength and expressive movement to his yoga and really enjoys sharing that in classes.


More recently Billy completed his Yin Teacher training and hopes to continue growing with the amazing teachers at Urban Ōm. 



Yoga Teacher



Yoga Teacher

Ellie took her first yoga class in her late teens, practicing ashtanga yoga throughout her 20s as a way to keep in shape. Over time she started incorporating breathwork and yoga philosophy to help cultivate wellbeing and a sense of inner calm. Her own practice has shifted over time and these days Ellie mixes stronger vinyasa and hot yoga with more restorative practices. Ellie jumped straight into teaching after finishing her teacher training in 2023.

'I love encouraging people to discover their capabilities and find the fun in their practice.'

Georgia graduated from her 200-hour yoga teacher training in January 2021. Growing up dancing she has always had a passion for movement, health and being active. Her background in dance inspires her classes, exploring interesting ways to link movements and breath to create fun free flowing classes.


Georgia likes teaching a range of classes from slow paced to more dynamic to fit every mood and goal. In Georgia’s classes you will build strength, test your balance and work on increasing flexibility all while focusing on mind body connection to create space in your busy mind.



Yoga Teacher

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