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40 hour CPD Training for Teachers

June 2024

Elevate Your Teaching, Deepen Your Practice

Are you ready to take your yoga teaching to a new level of depth and restoration? Join our Yin to Restore Yoga Teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, a transformative journey designed for yoga instructors seeking to enhance their skills and offer a profound and rejuvenating experience to their students.

Yin Yoga holds its origins in ancient shamanic tradition of China and Chinese Daoist philosophy. Restorative Yoga originates from the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar and Iyengar Yoga.  Both practices aim to bring balance to body and mind.

Although the practices and history differ, the wellness and meditative philosophy are compatible and compliment each other. 

Combining both disciplines gives yoga teachers an opportunity to draw from both Indian and Chinese ancient wisdoms to create balance in both mind and body. 

Training will be held both at URBΔN ŌM Yoga studio in the centre of Buckingham, as well as live on zoom.


You will gain knowledge and experience of both yin and restorative yoga through structured studio-room and online learning in practicum and theory, personal practice and self-study, class attendance, assignments, and observation.


History, Philosophy and Principles

Gain a deep understanding of the philosophy behind Yin and Restorative Yoga, exploring the principles of yin and yang energy, meridian theory, and the benefits of holding poses for extended periods.


Yin and Restorative Poses and Sequencing

​Experience a variety of Yin and Restorative Yoga poses and discover how to create purposeful and balanced sequences that promote restoration, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Breath and Meditation Techniques

Explore breathwork and meditation practices that complement Yin and Restorative Yoga, enhancing the meditative aspects of the practice and fostering mental and emotional balance.

Teaching Methodology

Develop effective teaching techniques for guiding students in Yin to Restore classes, including hands-on adjustments, verbal cues, and creating a nurturing class environment.

Adaptation and Modifications

Learn how to tailor Yin and Restorative practices to accommodate different bodies and individual needs, ensuring inclusivity in your classes.

Integrating Yin into Your Teaching Style

Discover how to seamlessly integrate Yin and Restorative principles into your existing teaching style, creating a well-rounded and holistic experience for your students.


Our training school has met the requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, demonstrating that our courses are of high standard and quality in which you receive your qualification through. 




40 Total Hours:

28 hrs - Contact Learning

12 hrs - Homework and Assignments.


8 - 9 June 2024


22 - 23 June 2024


URBΔN ŌM Yoga Studio



Saturday 10:30am  - 5:30pm

8th June & 22nd June


Sunday 10:30am - 5:30pm

9th June & 23rd June


Early Bird Price by 30th March: £550


Instalment Plan option:

 £295 by 1st April

£295 by 1st June


  • Yin to Restore course manual & textbooks

  • Live stream classes

  • Ongoing mentorship throughout

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Teaching Certificate upon completion

By registering for our Teacher Training Programmes, you agree to the following terms and conditions found here.



Sarah Kassam, RSYT, MSc

Founder of URBΔN ŌM  & Teacher Training Lead

Focused on learning and yoga education, Sarah has experienced, practiced, taught and developed mastery in yoga disciplines from Power Vinyasa Yoga to Yin and Restorative Yoga. 


Sarah is a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals and has been teaching and mentoring yoga teachers since 2017.

Sarah's experience is extensive, and ranges from clinical settings, to yoga studios and corporate settings, as well as private rehabilitation clients and developing training to support student growth. 


Sarah is lead of URBΔN ŌM's teacher training programme.

Elevate Your Teaching. Transform Your Practice.

Join us on the Yin to Restore Yoga Journey for 2024.

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