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Take your practice beyond the poses

Inspire students to heal and learn about their bodies through the practice of yoga

TT - Sarah & Sam Forearm Balance
TT - Sarah & Sam Three Leg Down Dog
TT - Mountain in a Group
TT - Ali & Chloe

We offer high-quality training to students curious and enthusiastic about yoga for self-development, for wellness professionals looking to add more knowledge in delivering wellness interventions, or for aspiring yoga teachers who pride themselves on their commitment to sharing yoga in a safe, knowledgeable, and fun way. 


 URBΔN ŌM's 200 -hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training offers an internationally-recognised qualification with Yoga Alliance UK, meeting strict syllabus requirements. 


You will be trained in both contemporary hatha and hot yoga style , while contextualising the broader styles in which yoga fits into, so you may continue training in niche fields that interest you.  Our approach enables you to find your unique teaching style & voice and offers a wider scope to teach in than most programmes. 

Our training groups are small and personal, we endeavour to get to know you, working side-by-side to make your training journey supportive  and transformative.


A foundational 200-hour yoga teacher 2-in-1 programme designed to help you understand the body with the science of yoga to skilfully teach, inspire, and guide others.​

  • Group teaching in training to develop skill, competence, and confidence.

  • Practical knowledge of 50 traditional poses.

  • Ability to implement both hot and hatha teachings for either/both employment. 

  • Analysis and understanding to design your own sequence.

  • Personal transformation through yoga practices, self-enquiry and group discussion.

  • Network and build community as you study with others who share a passion for yoga .


You will gain knowledge and experience of yoga through structured studio-room and online learning for practicum and theory, personal practice and self-study, class attendance, assignments, and observation.

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Philosophy and History of Yoga

  • Evolution of yoga through philosophy and history.

  • Eastern and Western yoga cultures, appropriation, and appreciation.

  • Eastern Yoga concepts of Chakras, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas and Kundalini. 

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Teaching Methodology

  • Refine teaching skills and techniques.

  • Apply key points in dialogue.

  • Peer review and feedback.

  • Observations and reflections. 

  • Assists, props, and adjusts.

  • Principals of sequencing.

  • Finding your voice and community. 

  • Methods of teaching online.


Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

  • Basic and functional anatomy fundamentals of bones, muscles, and joints. 

  • Biomechanics and healthy movement.

  • Understanding tension and compression for range of movement.


Contextualising Yoga in Modern Day

  • Current health research in yoga.

  • Evidence-based benefits of yoga.

  • Western Science, Psychology and Yoga. 

  • Yoga as an intervention for mental and emotional health.

  • Principals of yoga for healthy living and stress reduction. 


Deepen Your  Practice

  • Posture workshops for alignment and strength-building.

  • Meditation and breathwork

  • Understanding and practical learning of Sanskrit. 

  • Increase value of Yoga Therapeutic practices. 

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The Business of Yoga

  • Ethics of teaching.

  • Understanding modern and traditional yoga teachers.

  • Branding and building a business model. 

  • Developing a personal teaching philosophy.

  • Yoga lifestyle and cultures. 

  • Marketing yourself as a yoga teacher.

  • Identifying authentic personality traits. 


Our training school has met the requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, demonstrating that our courses are of high standard and quality. 


A foundational yoga teacher training course requires commitment.

We offer a 7 month part-time course: sessions take place fortnightly on weekends, with three half-term breaks to consolidate learning and integration.


We teach a hybrid model: in-studio for the practicum portion, and online for the theory portion.  A model shown to be the most efficient for student learning.

By registering for our Teacher Training Programmes, you agree to the following terms and conditions found here.




SarahFounder of URBΔN ŌM  & Teacher Training Lead

A teacher of teachers, Sarah immersed herself in learning about yoga and related sciences of health and wellness from 2009. 


Sarah has qualified in, and teaches, many styles: from traditional hot yoga, to Power-Vinyasa, as well as therapeutic and rehabilitation styles.

Sarah has been mentoring students since 2017, and registered as a Senior Teacher in 2020. 


She completed a MSc in Psychological Wellbeing – a research degree focusing on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as interventions  in Psychology and mental health fields and continues to support Yoga Therapy projects in the community. Sarah brings this focused aspect into the Theory portion of the programme. 

Sarah's experience is extensive, and ranges from clinical settings, to yoga studios and corporate settings, as well as private rehabilitation clients and mentorship. 


Sarah is director of URBΔN ŌM's teacher training programme.


AliSenior Yoga Teacher, Teacher Training Co-Lead

Ali first training was in hot yoga with Absolute Yoga while living in Thailand in 2007.  This was the largest hot yoga studio in Asia at the time and has influenced the Practicum portion of the training.  


She completed her 300- Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and was mentored in leading teacher training by Kathy Ran, director of Yoga University. 


Ali has been co-lead on hot yoga teacher training programmes since her completion of studies in 2019. 

COURSE DATES 2024-2025


  • Friday 6th September (7.30PM - 9.30PM): Online Orientation

  • Saturday 7th September (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 8th September (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE 

  • Saturday 21st September (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 22nd September (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday, 5th October (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO​

  • Sunday 6th October (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE 

  • Saturday 19th October (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 20th October (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 9th November (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 10th November (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 23rd November (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 24th November (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 7th December (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 8th December (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE


  • Saturday 4th January (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 5th January (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 18th January (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 19th January (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 1st February (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 2nd February (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 1st March (10.30AM - 5.30PM): IN-STUDIO

  • Sunday 2nd March (10.30AM - 5.30PM): ONLINE

  • Saturday 15th March (10.30AM - 5.30PM): EXAM

  • Sunday 16th March (10.30AM - 5.30PM): EXAM

  • Saturday 22nd March (6.00PM): GRADUATION NIGHT

Course Price

200 Hour Hot & Hatha Foundation Teacher Training Course


Our programme has been created with you in mind.  We offer a high depth and breadth of knowledge and experience and implement this into the programme. The structure has been designed to give you time for practice and integration between each phase to integrate and absorb information more effectively. 

Each session will be adding new and exciting aspects into your practice, knowledge and awareness.  Enjoy this transformative experience​​, formatted to fit around everyday life.

  • Applications are reviewed and upon successful acceptance, a £500 non-refundable deposit will be due to secure your space.

  • Flexible payment plans available to suit your needs (contact us for details).

  • Course price includes discounted classes and workshops:

    • 25% off DUŌ Full unlimited membership to support practice at home and in-studio (during the programme).

    • 10% off interest-area workshops for a full year (extended from 7 months to 12 months). 

Early Bird Rate (save £150!) if paid in full by 4th August 2024. 

Application deadline 18th August 2024.

More information? 

Want to know more and meet the teachers?

Register on one of our free Q&A sessions to provide answers to your questions and learn about our teaching style.

Our next dates for our 2025-2026 programme will be available from January 2025.

Rings (Just) - Romantic

Elevate Your Practice, Inspire Others: Yoga Teacher Training for Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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